Celebrating Success [Blog]

Celebrating Success
Written for: Superintendent of a large, urban school district

Though we are just a few weeks into the XXXX-XXXX school year, the district is off to an amazing start. We have the support of the community behind us and, with a continued unified front, I’mconfident that we can make a positive impact on every student, in every classroom, without exceptions, without excuses.

I had a very positive experience this week that I’d like to share with you.

On Monday, I visited __________ Middle School to help the hardworking administrators and teachers celebrate their gains on the __ School Performance Framework. The staff at ______ has made amazing strides with their students. On the initial SPF rankings the school district released in XXXX-XXXX, ______ was a Three-Star school. They climbed to Four-Star ranking when the state released its inaugural rankings for the XXXX-XXXX school year. I’m happy to report that on the latest rankings, which report progress for the XXXX-XXXX school year, _______ reached Five-Stars.

I spoke with the staff briefly during the celebration. I told them I am proud of their accomplishments, particularly the gains in mathematics, a subject that is often the gateway to high-paying jobs in the 21st century. I also told them that the real work begins now. It is a monumental accomplishment to show consistent improvement year after year.

The students at ____, who were able to catch up, keep up and ultimately, move up, will be forever impacted by the extra efforts of their teachers to ensure that each of them has a chance at success. It took hard work for _____ to reach a Five-Star rating; it will be just as difficult to maintain that success over time.

Judging by the electrifying enthusiasm felt in ____’s library, I believe its administration and teachers are up to the task.

I share the story of ______ Middle School for two reasons. First, we should celebrate our academic achievements where we find them. And second, I believe what happened at Saville is happening all over our district. There amazing stories of rising academic achievement happen every day. I encourage you to share those stories with your colleagues, site leaders and myself.

As we raise the bar on student achievement, remember that the work you do is important and inspires the great minds of our future leaders. With enough work, every school, no matter its star rating, can have a story like ______’s.

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