“Anthony consistently worked well-beyond his job description. He became my go-to staffer for many of the office’s writing needs. He consistently turned around quality work that needed little or no revision regardless of the time frame for completion. When our superintendent started a blog, Anthony turned the administration’s vision into weekly, informative and engaging reads.”

Amanda Fulkerson
Communications Director
California State Assembly


“Mr. Springer’s greatest asset is his ability to find a compelling story in whatever he writes. He has a keen ability to convey complex information in a manner that resonates with his intended audience. He is very adept at crafting messages that are uniquely designed to accomplish specific goals and support desired outcomes.”


Michael Rodriguez
Director of the Press and Communications Office
Pennsylvania Department of Education


“I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure having Mr. Springer on my team. He has become one of our most prominent news writers in the realms of politics and entertainment over the course of his 3 years at the company.  Not only has Anthony excelled in the field of news, but his interviews and editorials have made waves in the industry.

“Anthony joined us as a young, hungry writer and has developed into easily my most dependable. Punctuality has never been a problem as well as his ability to sniff out a good story. His capability to take direction and constructive criticism has also accelerated his growth in a demanding industry. He’s one of the few on staff who I’ve never questioned his drive, desire or willingness to learn.”

Andreas Hale


The Well Versed  Productions

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